Meditating over mountainsā€¦

Meadows in Kashmir, India

Meditating over mountains is an exercise in peeling off multitudesā€¦ meandering around their geometries, mulling over whether to engage with the elements or take shelter from them, you look for those deep life lessons recorded over many a tome of the yore and now chopped up into bite sized, social media portions, but in vainā€¦ for you they remain tight lipped and coldā€¦ in retaliation then, you lay your own canvas upon the landscape and start to conjureā€¦

Oak forests around Dhur village, Bageshwar, Uttarakhand, India

Forests spawn trepidation, the canopy revelling in its mysteries, choosing to communicate more in sound than sightā€¦ gloomy timber and burbling brooksā€¦ the avifauna weaves its own little cacophonies strewing seeds and mammals remain reticent, either ruminating or chasing those who doā€¦ splashes of colour hither and thither punctuate spring and autumn, while winters prefer eerie silencesā€¦

Mountains - meadows in Kashmir, India

In the meadows, there is unbridled youth, wallowing in a finitely infinite expanse, breathing life into whatever manages to trickle down from the cryosphereā€¦ holding their own twixt slowly grinding glaciers and wizened woods, they bask in the sun and brood with the clouds, rollick in the rain and lie patiently with the snowā€¦ malleable is what they are, meadowsā€¦


Moraines are simply exasperatingā€¦ erosion begins here, be it a seemingly immutable boulder or an indefatigable hikerā€¦ with every rock and every hop thereā€™s a wearing down, making one long for the snowlineā€¦ it trudges for the most part but shoots down some fatal stones from time to time just to keep things interestingā€¦ theyā€™re befuddling, the morainesā€¦

Mountains - Chenap valley, Uttarakhand, India

Snow demands perseveranceā€¦ thereā€™s total chaos beneath its uniform exterior, deception running rife in a world of whiteā€¦ undulations defined by density and safe passages across determined by destinyā€¦ ā€˜tis a landscape where slow, consistent suffering is inevitable, and the sooner one reconciles with the fact, swifter is the escapeā€¦

Mountains - Great Himalayan National Park, Himachal Pradesh, India

Ridges are anticipationā€¦ hours spent ploughing up a hill in anticipation of what lies on the other sideā€¦ thereā€™s a sense of excitement and apprehension bundled into a thin strip of land hung high by tectonic sighsā€¦ sometimes thereā€™s the promised land and sometimes a cul-de-sac, sometimes thereā€™s more tribulations and sometimes an end to themā€¦ sometimes gay, sometimes sombre they lie, the ridgesā€¦

Mountains - Pangi valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

On steep slopes, thereā€™s an inquisition of the respiratory system, and a reminder of oneā€™s fallibility in the face of gravityā€¦ a weighing of odds, and wondering if bipedality is overratedā€¦ they demand only sitzfleisch but in healthy doses, these steep slopes, making one yearn for the downhill which in hindsight is another chore of its ownā€¦

Stok Kangri, Ladakh, India

At the top, thereā€™s a sense of disappointmentā€¦ for one, the end is usually underwhelming when one compares it to the ordeals undertakenā€¦ and the journey, filled with joie de vivre, culminates here, for the descent is just going through the motions, exit formalities if one mayā€¦

Tirthan Valley, Great Himalayan National Park, Himachal Pradesh, India

The twilight horizon is deliveranceā€¦ the terrain and its travails disappearing into the magic of tangerine skiesā€¦ clouds swirling and twirling away into anonymity after having dumped their load upon the wayfarerā€¦

Thus go the reflections then, imbued into the mountain when they wouldnā€™t exude anyā€¦

Musing on mountains, hikes across Western Himalaya

Author: Parth Joshi

Mountain lover ā›°ļø | Hiker šŸ„¾| Runner šŸƒā€ā™‚ļø | Cyclist šŸš“ | Photographer šŸ“·... allured by the outdoors, the author is a quintessential lost soul craving nature while suffering in a desk job...

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