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Pikas and their peekaboo 

Pikas of Himalaya: Large-eared pika

Pikas bring a sense of activity to the higher climes, weaving a string of momentariness around rocks brooding in geological time… perpetually restive in their disposition as they scurry, stop and shirk, manicuring the meadows with their hurried nibbles, carving abodes beneath taluses… humbled by the mountain, yet humbling it as well… musing on a long-eared pika, Markha valley, Ladakh, India


Buzzards and their humble buzz… 

Buzzards - Long-legged buzzard

It is poignant yet gratifying, watching buzzards subsist… the singleness of purpose, the precision of velocity, a panache to the glutton, epitomes of acuity… musing on a long-legged buzzard, Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan, India


Agamas and their constant scuttles…

Himalayan agama

Agamas either creep or scamper, not just literally but also in the canvas on one’s vision… appearing in one corner of the eye and then scampering to the other as if being playful… penning this on a winter morning, one can empathize with their never ending quest for sunshine, the fate of all poikilotherms… you’ll …


Magpies and modesty 

Yellow billed blue magpie

Magpies, like most corvidae, bask in an intellectual prowess not readily endowed upon fauna in general… moving around with a professional grump, undeterred by mirrors, audacious enough to ruminate on reflections rather… putting two and two together if need be, humouring the human for easy morsels… yet all that lives must have some folly, and …