Why Travel?

“Why travel?” crops up the unassumingly rhetorical yet frequent question in every place as soon as one sits down to ruminate upon. Well for one, motion is the essence of living. To be alive, one has to be mobile. Passive life is for the flora.

We travel to see empathy transcend to a level that makes one want to be human, the kindred spirit permeating into the environment around one, giving the air that sweet crisp of kindness, of life spreading itself far and wide.

We travel to spy on how our grandparents must plot against our revering and powerless dispositions, soothed by toys and candies, once upon a time, for nostalgia hits an average human being as soon as school begins.

We travel to see people sing and dance, to realize how pleasure is to be treasured and revered for what it brings to living as a society equally evolved and plagued with sorrow. Of how indispensable it is to let go of oneself amidst colours, and melody and play, to celebrate what to be alive signifies.

We travel to see night, what the dark beholds amidst small pockets of light where life sometimes lies till in the lull of the jungle or zombies around streets, charged up by the neon and the starless skies, groping desperately for that iota of solace he is parched for.

We travel to see the morning diligence, to see that education still holds something more than textbooks and examinations, that there is still that one ounce of goodness in even the most of extreme of cultures and institutions.

We travel to see kites fly whenever storms seem to brew, of paper or polythene as economies might dictate, but kids roll on irrespective, running around in a world they still find innocence in, and preserve it with nonchalance.

We travel to be one on one with some dirt once in a while, to rollick in with the experts and make a good fist of it, for two legs are faster than four, if they don’t manage to trip, that is.

And we travel to see shadows fade into the twilight, to remind us that it is cycles and circles we live in, and it is cycles and circles we have to make worth living for.